I was playing with a new software, this is the result.
This is the first one of a series of power animal / spirit animal totems. This grim cat eyed owl-eagle mixture is a guardian angel, and protects its wearer from mischievous spirits, evil demons, ghosts. (Inspired by Kyuss's Demon Cleaner.)
Do you want to wear it?
Catch it here, at my Redbubble store.
I moved my shop to redbubble.com, their user interface is so much better + I played with textures and this came out of it. Let's call her Ishtar maybe. (Click on the image to go to the Shop.)
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Ishtar, Fertility Goddess

My Tesla prototype t-shirts have just arrived! Nicely printed, well done! Happy happy derp derp!

Hey do you know that Nikola Tesla was born 160 years ago? 
I made this design, you can buy it from my shop if you like it. Just clic on the pic!

Tesla T-shirt Design by artofkaa.com

Thanks for Thomas Scholes' inspiration tumblr.

Experimenting with a newly created PS brush to get more traditional feeling out of the digital. No color picking, no helping lines, no layers, just pure eye-hand coordination on one layer.

 Painting with Google Street View and MapCrunch.

Here's the link.

 I had to play with the DumbSymmetry tool. Here you can find other useful tools for PS and Cinema 4D.


(About 1 hour and 45 mins)

The official video:

 And the reel:

Confectionery illustrations to Gábor Varga's Gourmandia book (2010.):